Three Willows Farm was established in 1998. We started out with a house and 20 acres of woods. Our first order of business was to clear some land for our pastures. After that came building a hay shed, putting in the riding ring, and then a barn. Construction at our place is ongoing, but we really WILL be finished one day.

Our mission is to breed professional quality horses that are capable of being handled and ridden by amateur riders as well. Our goal is to breed quality horses for eventing, dressage, hunters and fox hunting and to breed horses that will be sound throughout their lifetimes. Our horses are also appropriate for western disciplines, or trail riding. Our emphasis is on Oldenburg and Oldenburg crosses. We chose the warmbloods because of their excellent willing dispositions and their wonderful docile personalities.

Our approach is not typical of today's American breeders. We analyze each horse and determine their training schedules individually. Each horse is evaluated to determine when it is ready to start training both physically and mentally. We will start no horse before it is ready. We have found that while they may be behind in their training due to a late start, when they are physically and emotionally ready for their training to begin, they come along quickly and gracefully. It is our belief that many horses today are started too early and this sets them up for injury and emotional difficulties. In order to have them remain sound throughout their lifetimes we start them when they are more mature. That way, when they have competed and aged and may not be appropriate for the upper levels any longer, they can have a second career with an amateur or older rider and not be discarded as many are.

We are located approximately 30 minutes west of Richmond, VA in Louisa County near Bumpass. We are really excited about the prospect of raising quality sport horses. We wish you much success and happiness in your horsey endeavors and any other paths you choose to follow.

Best Wishes,                                                      

Pete and Tara                                                      

Me and my hunter, Ophelia.

Pete and his first horse, Pie (Belgian).